I Love Boots!

Like most girls I love shoes, boots and most of all handbags! I think it is something in our gene's, we are just destined to love all three. I have size 7 feet so I am really picky when it comes to my footwear as some styles make my feel look like canoes. I though I would post some of my favourite boots from A/W 12.

I recently purchased a pair of boots called Orinoco Jazz. I paid £79.99 for them which are a little bit more than I would usually pay but I look at boots as an investment. A quality pair of boots should last you a good few years. This pair is stylish yet practical. Riding boots look great dressed up or down. I have been wearing them with literally everything. From jeggings, leggings, jeans, skirts and dresses. I haven't found an outfit they haven't matched as of yet. They are so comfortable and have a great grip too.


I have also fallen in love with a pair of flat ankle boots but I cannot decide on which to go for. The black leather, tan leather or grey suede, which would you choose?  

Are you a fellow boot lover? 


  1. I love the Grey Suede best! Or, to throw something else into the mix....if you can do Black suede they look great!

  2. That would be nice but only these three combinations! Want to get all three but they are £69.99 each!

  3. Get something heavier, with a wedge.
    If were given the choice of these alone, the top ones are the best ;)

  4. I have the top ones already :) they are really comfy!

  5. The clarks mountain lake boots are in the sale now at £27.99 but in-store only so maybe you can get all three!?