A trip down Memory Lane

I thought I would share some old school photo's with you. I love looking through old photo's. Back when photographs where actual photographs and not just pixels on a computer screen! Nostalgia!

This has got to be one of my all time favourite pics!
Here is my Mum and Dad back in the 80's! This was before I was born. Don't they look like a cheesy couple out of a movie? I could just see them in The Wedding Singer! I look just like my Dad.

This is my Dad and I when I had just been born! I was tiny with a bright red face and jet black hair. I looked like a little red Indian my Mum said. I can't get over how young my Dad looks!
My Mum named me after a Princess in the Conan films. Which gives me a little bit of street cred with my Mr's friends. They think it's cool that my Mum was obsessed with Arnold Schwarzenegger! I don't think they would of agreed with that sentiment if their Mothers had called them Arnie. Well on second thoughts..

Here I am chilling out in a cardboard box, as you do!
Think I was 2 at the time. Everyone would comment on how much I looked like the girl from the Poltergeist! Which is always nice!

                                                                                This is my Sister and Brother and I. Back when I was a blonde! Back when S would drool all over herself constantly and back when L looked like Stewie off Family Guy.. haha.

Well there you have it, a lovely trip down Memory Lane..


  1. Lovely photos. I especially like the newborn photo, your expression looking up at your Dad is beautiful.

  2. Thanks! I think he is thinking "Oh my god.. what do I do now?!" My parents were young parents! :)

  3. I really enjoyed having a 'nosey' Jenna... that's what's great about blogs! The photos are lovely... take good care of them. As you grow older, you begin to realise what's important in life, and family & good memories mean more than anything material. Keep up the good work, I like your blog!

  4. Ahh thank you Brita. That is lovely for you to say.
    Thanks :)

  5. Lovely photos and thanks for sharing. Old photos were also always put into albums, not stuck in the computer forever and unorganised (like mine)!