Bedroom Athletics Review!

Bedroom Athletics was founded in 2007 and Slippers have never been better!

I first heard of Bedroom Athletics over on good old Twitter. They were hosting a giveaway to win a pair of their coveted Marilyn Slipper Boots.
I was lucky enough to win a pair!

On receiving them and trying them on I decided I just had to review them. They were simply that good!

The Marilyn Slipper Boot is made with a high quality faux fur exterior and has a real suede sole. They come in a wide range of colours, materials and sizes. They even do a range for men!
They don't just stop at Slippers though they also make a wide range of Loungewear, Nightwear, Sandals and Pumps. Even super cute Alarm Clocks!

When my boots arrived in their gorgeous gift box I was extremely pleased. I didn't wait 10 seconds before I had them out of the box and was trying them on. I had been at work on my feet all day and lets just say slipping my feet into these slippers after a long day felt like absolute heaven!

The Faux Fur is super soft and top quality and keeps your feet warm and comfortable. The material is also easy to clean as unfortunately I spilt my drink
on them the first night I had them, but with a quick wipe down and a dry they were good as new! The suede sole cushions your feet and makes all the difference, it's like you are walking on air! There is a zip on the front of the Slipper too, so you can wear them up or down.

At £20.00 the Marilyn Boot is a bargain!
For the quality, comfort and style it is a steal.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone. They would also make an excellent gift for anyone this Christmas.

I give them 10/10

Go on treat yourself!;



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