Blog noob!

As you can probably tell I am new to the whole blogging world. I am really enjoying it so far! I always wanted to have my own blog but always felt as though I wouldn't be able to do it, or that people would poke fun or that I wouldn't have enough time for it. Excuses really.

I was wondering if anyone had any tips for me. Tips that could help me on my blogging journey as I have a lot to learn! I really want to get into the whole reviewing side as I love to read reviews and have enjoyed writing the couple I have done so far! So any help would be appreciated.

I am hoping to host lots more competitions too as I find running them just as fun as entering them!
What kind of prizes would you like to see on here?




  1. Approach companies on Twitter/Facebook asking if they'd like a review for their product. Make friends with other reviewers who can help get your name out there. Promote your blog anywhere and everywhere, and if you have a giveaway put it out there as much as possible =)

    I've noticed that vouchers are great prizes for giveaways. =)


  2. Thanks sweets!

    Really helps. My blog feels like a new baby! Spend all last night faffing with it. I hope it looks okay!

    Currently running two comps on here and one comp on the twitter page. Yet to get a lot of entries though