Crazy Christmas!

So Christmas is over for another year! Phew! How did everyone enjoy their Christmas? I hope it was packed full of festive spirit and cheer! 

 My Christmas was another crazy rush. I literally don't have chance to sit down for when the big day hits (and I don't even have kids yet!) We have a big family and lots of traditions to adhere to. We find ourselves travelling from town to town visiting different family members, exchanging presents and going to different Xmas parties. On top of that I work in retail so work most of Christmas too! There is not much time to unwind and take it easy.

Aside from all the the goings on I had a great Christmas! We had cheesy Christmas jumpers, batman, plenty of Cats, a dozen socks, a roast potato disaster and even a small fire! Safe to say I am glad it's all over for another year. As much as I love it I'm glad to get back to normal and relax!


  1. Love the hats and Christmas jumpers!

  2. Thanks! My Mum bought them for a laugh. The cheesy pictures were hilarious cause we all kept on laughing and making funny faces.

    Hope you had a great Christmas! x

  3. Looks like you have been busy over the festive season. It is at time of Celebration!

    Rachel Craig

  4. Have some lovely memories of Christmas with my husband before the kids arrived!