Febreze Pet Odour Eliminator Review


When Febreze contacted me asking if I would like to review a bottle of Febreze Pet Odour eliminator spray I jumped at the chance. Having three cats, one being a particularly smelly cat it would really come in handy! 


Febreze fabric refreshers were specifically created for materials that don't fit in the washing machine. Odours and bacteria are trapped in your fabrics on a daily basis and are gradually released back into the air over time creating scents that you would rather not have in your home. 

This is where Febreze comes in to save the day! It is designed to obliterate odours and replace them with a clean fresh scent. The Pet Odour eliminator not only gets rid of all the nasty pet smells but also tackles 99.9% of bacteria on fabrics that your furry friends leave behind. Febreze fabric spray is also non toxic to animals giving all us pet owners total peace of mind. 

I am familiar with the brand but had not used the Pet odour eliminator variety before but on using it and loving it I will be buying it again! I think it is a must for all pet owners out there. Brilliant!

-Febreze sent me a bottle for review purposes. My views are entirely my own. 


  1. I'm definitely going to keep an eye out for this, I use regular Febreze all the time but with two smelly dogs it's good to know they have something more heavy duty for their bedding and things x

  2. Yeah! It's ideal for us pet owners! It smells a little stronger than regular febreze xx

  3. We've cats and dogs so this is brilliant!

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  7. Hey, new follower from the followers to friends blog party. Your cats are so cute! Neat product, I use other Febreze products but didn't know they made a specific pet geared one, must try it! :)


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