In love with Bluebasil Brownies

Hopping from blog to blog I kept seeing the name Bluebasil Brownies.
After reading all about them and seeing the extremely delicious pictures I just had to splurge on a box of these Award Winning Gourmet Brownies myself. I just could not resist temptation any longer!

There are lots of varieties to chose from and something for every taste. I chose a 9 Piece box and "umm'd" and "ahh'd" over the flavours for a good half an hour before finally deciding on Hazelnut  Chunky White Chocolate and Banoffee.

"Hazelnuts are delicious with chocolate and we love the crunchy texture."

Chunky White Chocolate;
"Another favourite made with dark chocolate and white chocolate chunks. Also available in gluten-free (G-F)."

 and Banoffee;
"Just think of delicious tones of rich chocolate melting into fragrant banana and then delicate pockets of toffee oozing through the chocolate... need we go on?"

2 days later they arrived at my door and I was so excited! I was very happy with the delivery speed as I knew how busy they were reading their twitter feed! Everyone is buying Brownie treats for loved ones this Christmas. (I can't think of a better present!)

The biodegradable gift box and the way they were presented was lovely. It didn't take me 2 minutes before I had my head in box ready to sample my first piece of Bluebasil heaven!

All three flavours were rich, delicious and totally unique. My favourite hands down has got to be Banoffee! Honestly, I have never tasted anything quite like it! It is genius and if you are going to treat yourself to some Bluebasil goodies then please try that flavour, you will not regret it!

My new favourite treat. A Latte and a Banoffee Bluebasil Brownie!
Go on, treat yourself!

Find more information about these delicious Brownies here;

Buy them here;

I was not paid and did not receive any goods to write this review.
I purchased the brownies myself and decided to review them just because I loved them so much. 


  1. These sound gorgeous, I'll check out the website x

  2. When I read Bluebasil Brownies I though they were brownies with basil in them!! :)
    They look mmmmm!

  3. These sound and look amazing! Yum YUm!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog, your newest follower now

  5. They really are amazing!

    If you are a chocoholic like myself they will be right up your street! But yeah no Basil in them hehe :)

    And Hellooo Terri! x

  6. They look really really good Im drooling here !!

  7. Really craving a Banoffee one right about now! x

  8. They look ammmmazzzing!!!! ahh, I need some x