Perfume Addict

I thought I would blog about one of my favourite things in the whole wide world.. Perfume! 

Coco Chanel Mademoiselle 

I am going to tell you all about my top scents from my perfume collection. Perhaps you could get your hubby to buy you a little treat this season or get an idea of what to chose the next time you indulge!

Here is my top six. From top to bottom left to right:

Miss Dior Cherie
Dior Addict 2
Gucci Rush 2
Nina Ricci L'Elixir 
Calvin Klein Euphoria
Vera Wang Rock Princess

A little about these little bottles of heaven;

Miss Dior Cherie

Is a new take on a timeless classic. Best described as a romantic yet playful scent which has fresh, fruity, citrus and floral notes. A sensual blend of strawberry leaves and green mandarin. Then blends into a violet, pink jasmine and strawberry sorbet which finishes off with fresh patchouli and musk. It reminds me a lot of another favourite of mine Coco Chanel Mademoiselle but I find Miss Dior Cherie to be a bit more youthful. The bottle is simply stunning and very chic! 
J'adore Miss Dior! 

Dior Addict 2

Another heavenly scent from Dior. It is sublime. Another citrus floral blend with a hint of spice. The floral hints merge into soft musky notes. The top notes are freesia and grenadine and base notes white musk and sandalwood. Another sleek pink bottle that is easy to carry in your handbag and looks equally as beautiful sat on your dressing table. Dior Addict 2 is said to be made for the young and sexy! It sure makes you feel like that after you dab a little on your neck.

Gucci Rush 2
A modern, sophisticated and feminine scent. A strong floral scent with top notes of rose, freesia, lily of the Valley and base notes of musk and blackcurrant it is ideal for everyday wear. Enclosed in a sleek and stylish bright pink bottle it is the ultimate girly girl perfume! If you are on a budget but want a top quality perfume then this is the one for you. It is excellent value for money!

Nina Ricci - L'Elixir
Aimed at all the princesses out there! This fragrance is said to tickle your imagination. It is a love potion is a apple shaped bottle. It is composed of both red fruit and jasmine with a hint of lime. With an underscore of musk it adds a touch of sensuality. A beautiful and unique scent all wrapped up in one gorgeous bottle. 

Calvin Klein - Euphoria
A fun yet sexy and attractive scent. A mix of pomegranate, persimmon and green accord. Euphoria then blends into lotus flower, black orchid and ends with amber, violet, cream and woods. It is one of the more "grown up" scents that I own. It sensual but not in a flirty sense in a sophisticated way. The bottle is a sleek, simple design. Not the prettiest of bottles and it doesn't function well either. It wobbles, is hard to grip and the lid is too large but don't let that put you off because it is an irresistible scent. Only niggle is the bottle. 

Vera Wang - Rock Princess

This one is for all the Chic Rock Chicks out there. With its dark, fruity and floral mix it packs a punch and has some attitude. With opening punches of white peach and raspberry that blends into a floral meadow with hints of jasmine, lily and rose. The base is musk, coconut and cashmere. For me this is a very distinct scent. Once you smell it you remember it. It is only an occasion perfume for me and is very strong. The bottle is a beaut (what girl doesn't like hearts, rhinestones and crowns?!) and takes pride centre stage on my make up table! 

They say all perfumes smell different on everyone so all these opinions are my own taste! Hope this helps you pick out your next scent or at least my Mr may stumble upon my post and may treat me at Christmas. (Hint, hint!) 

What is your favourite perfume?

"A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.
-Christian Dior


  1. Ooh my OH has bought me Vera Wang Rock Princess for Christmas :)

  2. It's lovely! Gotta love the bottle too! :) xx

  3. My absolutely favorite is Very Hollywood by Michael Kors! I'm trying to finish up my millions of other bottles before I buy more of it though. I also tested the new Lady Gaga scent recently and was pleasantly surprised!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm happily following back, dear! :)

    xx, Jordan

  4. Thanks for the comment :)
    I haven't tried that! I need to get out of my floral musk funk! I always buy the same sort of scents as I discovered after writing this post! x

  5. Love the bottle for the Vera Wang one.

  6. It's great isn't it! Very big too! x

  7. I love Vera Wang Rock Princess - smells amazing!

  8. My favourite is Iris Nobile by Acqua Di Parma.

  9. Ohh, I haven't tried that one! What does it smell like?

  10. Perfume addict? Me too...!!!

  11. They all look so pretty but I prefer body oils!