Lip Care Review

Anyone else really struggle with sore chapped lips in winter? I do!
I have tried so many products. Some have little to no effect and a small few work wonders!
I thought I would blog about a couple!

I would like to start with a good family favourite; Vaseline Lip Therapy - Aloe Vera! 
The tin is handy but is a bit plain to look at. I personally think Vaseline should revamp their designs. It applies goopy and thick due to the petroleum and your lips feel like they cannot breathe. I found that although Vaseline feels fantastic when you apply it that in the long run it has no lasting results. The minute it wears off it has no effect. Vaseline says that the product: "helps maintain the skin's natural moisture barrier to form a protective shield between your lips and the elements"

I would have to agree with that statement as it does seem to do that rather than moisturise your lips. 

At £1.99 from boots it's the best price out of the three but not the best product.
Vaseline Lip Therapy 4/10.

Secondly I would like to mention Carmex - Cherry.
The tub is in classic Carmex style, simple yet eye catching and in a good generous size. I feel you have to apply a generous amount to coat your lips and it does take a little longer to apply than other balms. Once it is applied it feels fantastic. You can feel it going to work on your lips. It tingles and instantly your lips feel hydrated and cared for. It even contains SPF15! Carmex really cares for your lips! The smell isn't over powering and Cherry is a firm favourite for me from their range! 

At just £2.69 at boots it's a steal! Carmex 9/10.

Figs and Rouge!
Figs and Rouge - Rambling Rose. Wow! Safe to say this is a firm favourite of mine. The design of the tins are absolutely gorgeous to look at and in a very convenient size. Figs and Rouge lip, face and body balm is 100% Organic. It contains no Petroleum and is free from Mineral oil. When applied a little goes a long way, one coating leaves your lips feeling nourished  moisturised and hydrated. The scent of the Rose is divine and really reminded me of my favourite treat; Turkish Delight! I would highly recommend this product for everyone who wants to treat their lips this winter!

At £4.99 at boots it's a little more pricey but you do get what you pay for.
The unique vintage design alone is worth an extra pound or two!
Figs and Rouge 10/10.

What are your favourite Lip care products?

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