Dishmatic Review

"Ditch the dishwasher in favour of Dishmatic, the natural answer to washing up!"

If like me you are concious about the environment but still want your dishes clean as a whistle then Dishmatic is the one for you! 

Dishmatic is a nifty little device that is made from a hollow handle and sponge scourer head. All you need to do is simply fill the handle with your choice of washing up liquid and it dispenses as you clean! Easy peasy! 

Dishmatic is an eco-friendly choice. Not only is it made out of recycled products but it also reduces dishwater usage saving you money on your energy bills. 

Another benefit for me is that I have sensitive skin and found when using Dishmatic brushes I wasn't dipping my hands in hot soapy water half as much which my hands are very thankful for!  
RRP is £1.47.

The new product in the Dishmatic range is the Dishmatic Brush! A super strong scrubbing brush with tough, sturdy bristles that will clean almost anything! Making the dirtiest jobs a doddle! 
RRP £1.99.

I am a Dishmatic convert!

Dishmatic were kind enough to send me a couple of products to review on my blog. My opinions are my own. 


  1. I am liking this and very reasonably priced too.....

  2. I like the idea I just woner if it would use more washing up liquid though, hmmmmm.........

  3. Love these, they are so handy!

  4. Even if you didn't want to fill it with washing up liquid they are still really good cleaning tools! :) x