Kleenex Care Pack

I have been smothered with the flu most of this season so when Kleenex offered to send me one of their Kleenex Care Packs I was overjoyed! I was ready for some Kleenex TLC!

When the little parcel arrived I couldn't wait to unwrap it and see what was inside. Inside I found everything you need when feeling under the weather.

The contents included a thermal mug, packs of Kleenex, hot chocolate, tomato soup, herbal tea, honey sticks, Kleenex balm, a Yankee candle and even some thermal socks!
Straight away I treated myself to some herbal tea with a drizzle of honey, popped the socks on, lit the candle and I was already felt better and feeling ready to face the day!

Thank you Kleenex!


  1. Aww! What a lovely parcel! Great if your feeling a bit under the weather! Hope you manage to keep flu free for the rest of the winter :)

  2. Such a cute care pack! just by looking at it you must feel better.

  3. Some lovely goodies there! :) Kleenex Balsam is really good for rotten colds - those times when you've reached the "I've sneezed so many times my nose is going red" point. One of the few tissues that don't aggravate sore noses.

  4. Oh I could so use this now! Feeling really rough today. It's so kind that Kleenex sent you that uplifting parcel, how thoughtful of them.

  5. Whiskey, honey and lemon does the trick for me!

  6. Ive had a hay fever pack sent from them b4. Their packs are really good. X