Baker Days Letterbox Cake

Quality cakes from artisan bakers!

Who doesn't love cake? When I was offered the opportunity to review a Letterbox cake from Baker Days I couldn't wait!

Letterbox cakes are simple to personalise, simple to post and a joy to receive! Small enough to fit through your letterbox but large enough to celebrate the biggest celebrations.
From only £14.99 they are the perfect personalised treat for any occasion.

There is a letterbox cake for literally any occasion and if it isn't for an occasion then you can have a totally personalised cake of your choice. The options are endless.

After you have decided on your design, next up is the yummy part! 
You can choose from 5 different flavoured sponges; sponge cake, carrot cake, fruit cake, double chocolate chip cake and gluten and wheat free cake. For a basic sponge it costs no extra but if you want a different flavour sponge you have to pay an additional cost, albeit not much. 

All letterbox cakes come in a lovely tin case which not only protects and keeps your cake fresh in transit but also saves as a keep sake or can be reused! 

I got the chance to choose my own cake and design for the purpose of this review. I decided on using one of my own photo's for the design. I selected a picture of my cat on my leopard print sheets as I thought it would look good having a leopard print cake with my cat sat slap bang in the middle! But I was mistaken it didn't just look good it looked amazing! Almost too good to eat!  

Photo used.

Letterbox cake. 
Looks a bit brighter on this photo due to my silly iphone.

The cake serves 3-4 generous portions and is very filling! I chose the double choc chip sponge as I am a chocoholic! Sometimes chocolate cake can be dry and bland but I had none of those issues from Baker Days. It was possibly the nicest chocolate cake I've ever had! It was rich, moist and extremely tasty. 
I found the icing a bit too sweet and there was too much of it in comparison to the amount sponge. That is due to my taste as I'm not big on icing.  So I'd probably say more cake less icing but that is really nit picking as I simply adored it. 

Piece of cake anyone?

         Cake Tin - Just for you! 

Not only did the cake come with a keep sake tin but it also came with a few balloons, candles and a card! 

I was very impressed with the concept of Letterbox cakes, the service and best of all the cake itself! 

Huge thumbs up from me!   


  1. I nearly put Millie on mine, hehe xx

  2. That cake looks amazing love to try some!

  3. looks great - love that it comes in a nice tin!

  4. The ability to print photos on cakes is amazing - how do they do it?