Dorset Cereals - Granola & Fruit Bars

We are huge cereal lovers in this house so when Dorset Cereals offered to send me a selection of their products to review on my blog I nearly bit their hand off! After a day or two of friendly correspondence with the company a large package arrived! 

Due to the generous volume of all the different products that were sent I decided to do numerous different reviews. 

Today I am writing all about Dorset Cereals delicious fruit and granola bars.

I tend to be in a rush first thing in the morning and most morning's I don't have time for breakfast. As a rule I tend to just have to grab something to go. I have tried so many different types of breakfast bars but had never tried Dorset Cereal's range prior to this review. 

I found these very moreish. I could of eaten all three in one sitting. Made from 42% of fruit and nuts. A delicious mix of wheat and oats with dates, pecans and hazelnuts. They had a lovely texture and were very satisfying. I really enjoyed them with a hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning.

My better half offered to be the tester for this variety. I say offered, when I came home from work he had already devoured two! That can only be a good sign as he rarely touches any sort of breakfast bars. He found them sublime (his words not mine!) He said the combination of oats, chocolate and macadamia nuts is a winning combination and could not get enough.

Cranberries, Mango and Raspberries bars:
The fruit variety was probably my least favourite flavour but I found them delicious none the less. I found the combination of wheat and oats against the sweet and sour of the cranberries, mango and raspberries to be extremely light and refreshing.  

Last but not least is my favourite from the range the Honey granola bars. As a lover of honey and nuts this was a winner for me even before I opened the packet! I've had similar products before that are jammed packed full of nuts and they have been tough and hard to chew but these were so soft and tasty without any compromise.

I adored all four combinations and I would buy the Dark Chocolate and Macadamia and Honey Granola bars again in a heartbeat. Even though they are a little bit more expensive than regular granola/fruit bars you get what you pay for and it is certainly worth paying that little bit extra.
You have to treat yourself now and again!


  1. The dark chocolate & macadamia bars sounds lush, I'm getting me some of them when I next go food shopping. Thanks the review x

  2. Love dorset cereals - they are amazing!

  3. They look fab, but I find them to be a little expensive.

    1. They are more expensive than bog standard bars but are so much better. x

  4. I love the sound of the fruity bars! I'm a big fan of their muesli.

    1. They are really good although Nick loved the dark choc and macadamia and I wasn't a fan of that one.

      The honey granola was heavenly! x