Dorset Cereals - Porridge

As I have mentioned in a
previous post Dorset Cereals were kind enough to send me a wide range of their products to review on Chic Geek Diary. They sent me such a variety that I decided to do a lot of separate reviews. Today I am going to review their range of Porridge! 

I've always been on the fence when it comes to porridge. Not necessarily liking it or hating it. So I was a blank canvas when sampling their range.

They come in three totally contrasting flavours. Proper Porridge, Proper Raspberry and Proper Gingerbread.

Proper Porridge is a blend of jumbo oats, creamy barley and nothing artificial. Proper Porridge is great because you can tailor it to your taste. I added honey to mine which gave it that extra special something. People always say porridge is a bland and boring breakfast which it could be if you don't experiment with it! Throw in some blueberries or some choc chips! Mix it up a bit. The choices are endless. 

Proper Gingerbread is a lovely blend of jumbo oats, creamy barley and real gingerbread pieces. I couldn't wait to try the Gingerbread variety as I had never tried it before and thought it sounded heavenly. I was not disappointed! I found I didn't need to add any sugar as it was sweet enough for me with the gingerbread chunks. It's simply the perfect breakfast for these cold dark mornings and this sweet treat gives you that pick me up that you need first thing in the morning. 

Proper Raspberry combines a blend of those jumbo oats and barley, mixed with zingy and sweet real raspberries. I was a bit sceptical with this one but it was pleasant enough! I did enjoy it but if I had the choice of buying the three at the supermarket then I would go for the previous two rather than the Raspberry. Just my personal taste as I prefer rich flavours rather than tangy. 

I really enjoyed all three. The only gripe I have is that as handy as the separate serving sachets are, there is not enough in one serving and if you open two packets then that is too much. I think the one sachet is perfect sized for children but not in this house with two tall residents with big bellies. 

Having tried the range I would buy Proper Porridge and Proper Gingerbread again. It is certainly worth paying £2.49 for a box as the quality is second to none when it comes to other porridge.

Overall I really enjoyed Dorset Cereal's range of Porridge and I am no longer sitting on that porridge fence! 


  1. Oh yum the gingerbread one sounds lovely!

  2. The gingerbread one is amazing! Would highly recommend it. I've bought it before from B&M and it was cheap too!

  3. I completely agree with the portion size- one is too little and two is too much. Always open two though as I'd rather be full than still hungry. Downside is it makes the pack go down too quickly so have to buy more :) Absolutely in love with the raspberry flavour, didn't know about the gingerbread one so can't wait to try...

    1. Glad it's not just me! Dorset Cereal's said their separate portions are more generous than other brands too but I haven't tried much of those so wouldn't know. x

  4. The proper porridge is proper lush! I think it's the barley that makes the difference, and I agree on the portion thing, although it's larger than some other brands believe it or not!

  5. I love Dorset cereals, they have been my brand of choice for years now.

  6. Well, I'm not sure what dorset cereals porridge you've been eating, but the one I tried (honey) is stacked so full of sugar that it's pretty overwhelming, and I also found several hard objects that appear to be husks in the mix too. Not terrible, but nowhere near as nice as just pouring some milk over some oats and microwaving it!