Hello Lover

Perfumes are a weakness of mine and I have quite the budding collection. From high end scents to bargain smellies I'm not biased as I like to try them all. Not all expensive perfumes smell expensive and not all cheap scents smell cheap! So it's worth keeping an open mind when it comes to perfume. 

I was lucky enough to win a bottle of Hello Lover over on twitter and after testing it today I just had to blog about it! I simply loved it that much.

Hello Lover is another fragrance from the Sex and the City collection. It is a sexy yet flirty scent and is perfect for everyday wear but is also strong enough to pull off as an evening scent.

Top notes; Mandarin Orange, Litchi, Pink Pepper.

Middle notes; Rose, Honeysuckle, Peony. 

Base notes; Amber, Sandalwood, Cedar, Vanilla. 

The bottle is just as gorgeous as the perfume itself. In the brightest pink imaginable it is hard to miss and the diamond style lid add's a touch of glamour to all the pinkness! 

Hello Lover is perfect for ladies like me who like sweet floral scents and if you are a SATC addict also like me then it's a total win win!

Believe it or not you can buy it for just £10 a bottle from Wilkinson's!
Go on treat yourself!


  1. I love sweet floral scents too! I may have to have a look for this! xxx

  2. I've had the one called Lust before that was nice, I wonder if this is similar?


  3. Smells similar to Tresor midnight rose.