Salty Dog Crisps

If there was one food I would choose to live off for the rest of my life it would possibly be crisps! I could eat about 10 bags in one sitting, I can not get enough! You know how people are wine snobs? Well I'm not. I am a crisp snob and I know a good crisp when I scoff one! When Salty Dog agreed to send me a selection of their crisps to review on my blog, I was very excited as any crisp monster would be! 

First of all I have to say I love the branding. It's not only original and quirky but It's a name that sticks in your head. Once you have seen it or read it you will always remember the name. You also can't go wrong when you feature a terrier on the packet! 

Salty Dog makes grrrrreat crisps, extremely tasty and full of flavour. Made from the highest quality potatoes which are hand cooked in sunflower oil for that extra crunch. To top it off they come in a selection of fantastic flavours, classics like Sea Salt and modern twists like Chicken Tikka Masala! There is a flavour for everyone. 

Not only do they make crisps, they have also recently introduced a range of nuts and posh popcorn into the mix. 

They kindly sent me Flame Grilled Steak, Ham and Wholegrain Mustard,  Strong Cheddar and Onion, Sweet Chilli and Sea Salt to sample. I have to say I loved them all! My favourite being the Flame Grilled steak. Not only were all the flavours delicious but I found them very satisfying. After one bag I was full, although I could of easily pigged out on three! 

Huge thumbs up from me. I will be looking for Salty Dog next time I go shopping and I suggest you do too!

Find them on twitter @saltygrrr


  1. Hmmm they sound amazing! xxx

  2. I've never heard of these before, they sound great though!

  3. These crisps are So yummy! ^_^


  4. I love crisps but I cant find a flavour to satisfy me 100%...lately stack with the HulaHups though!

  5. I bloody love crisps. For me I think the ultimate are salt and vinegar kettle chips!

  6. Buena publicación en el blog. Quiero agradecerle por la información interesante y útil y me gusta su punto de vista.
    Me encanta leer este tipo de material Buena y atractiva información que tomo de ella. Gracias por publicar un artículo tan bueno.

  7. Am so mIssing crisps as had a tooth out this week and can't eat them!

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