Sexy Penguin

Today I thought I would post a little something about a lovely brand I stumbled across lately over on Twitter. 

Sexy Penguin specialise in hand customised, reworked clothing. Focusing on studs, spikes and sparkles!
From high waisted shorts, to converse, to denim jackets, they stock it all. Got an old piece of clothing that's tired, old and boring? Well they'll stud it up! 

 I was lucky enough to win a Geek Tee from their range of on trend tee's. I'm a self confessed geek and I love the Letterman style so I was bound to love it even before it arrived. The tee is made out of very soft and high quality material. It features big, bold lettering across the front with contrasting studs on the shoulders. They come in two different colours; black and white. I won the black version and I was glad I didn't have to choose what colour because I wouldn't be able to chose out the two. They are on special offer at the moment at just a tenner a pop so why not buy one of each?! 

What do you think? What item's of clothing in your wardrobe would you like to see all pimped out Sexy Penguin style? 

Find those Sexy Penguins here, here and here: 
Twitter: @SexyPenguin3


  1. Love Love Love this post!! ;-) xx

  2. Thats a bargain! My friend loves these tops so I will pass on the info, thank you

  3. Ohh never heard of Sexy Penguin before....I love those tops x

  4. Such a brilliant idea for a site, thanks for sharing, gonna check them out! xxx