Squashies Review & Competition

Does anyone else feel warm and fuzzy with nostalgia when they remember way back when they were kids, taking a trip to the corner shop to buy sweets? I do! I don't think anything made me happier than 30p of pick and mix back when I was a child!   

Introducing Squashies! The ever popular Swizzels Matlow have come up with the brilliant idea of revamping our favourite classic sweets. They have turned the retro versions of Drumsticks, Double Lollies, Refreshers and Love Hearts into fun, squishy, gum form! Which makes them perfect for kids and adults alike whether you are sitting down to watch a movie or after a sweet pick me up after a long day at work! 

Squashies contain no artificial colours and are packed full with mouthwatering quirky flavours. My personal favourite were the Refreshers as they reminded me so much of the classic version. Although I enjoyed them all as I have a massive sweet tooth! The Double Lollies variety was my least favourite. I was never a fan of Double Lollies growing up but I actually preferred the gummy version. It was great to take a trip down memory lane with Swizzels Matlow too. 

You can find them at your local ASDA, Sainsbury's or the Co-op.
RRP: £1.49 for 160g and 45p for a 45g mini packet. 

If you would like more info or would like to download the new fun game Squashies World App for free all you need to do is click here

For a lovely Valentines day treat Swizzels Matlow have kindly offered to supply the full range of Squashies to one of my lucky blog readers!
That includes 1 packet of each variety.
To enter all you need to do is enter on the rafflecopter below!
Good luck!

1 winner to receive a pack of each of the Squashies range.
Prize supplied by Swizzels Matlow.
Competition runs from 7/2/13 till 14/2/13.
You must be following the blog to qualify.  


  1. Probably shrimps or white mice, lol, really showing my age now. Candy cigarettes were great as well, then there were ice chocolate cups, mmm, too many to choose just one ;o)

    1. Those chocolate cups! Totally forgot about those!! 1p a cup yet it was the nicest chocolate ever!

  2. i love chocolate cigerattes as a child x

  3. The little white choc mice, though they seem to have got smaller since I was young!


  4. I love refreshers and wham bars! :-)

  5. I adore cola bottles, always have done. I love them!

  6. I love fizzy cola bottles - but especially the cherry cola ones you can get!

  7. Karen C @Swimstar200010 February 2013 at 13:58

    I love the white chocolate mice and foam bananas.

  8. Anyone else really fancy some sweets now? :D

  9. Flying saucers :)@lorrainesaeed

  10. Opal Fruits ...can't eat normal drumsticks or refreshers anymore because of all the dental work lol

  11. Highland Toffee Bar

  12. candy foam bananas,the ones like the pink shrimps :)

  13. Refreshers though think you can still buy them.

  14. Drumstick lollies are my fave :)

  15. I like all sweets, haribo seem to be a family fave though!

  16. Flying Saucers... Nom Nom Nom!!

  17. The pink and white mushrooms