You may of heard of Jakemans before as they are such a big and well loved brand throughout the UK and USA. When I was sent a selection of Jakemans mini's to review on my blog I felt a little nostalgic! I remember when I was a child and my Grandad would have a jar full of every kind of sweet you could imagine. Whenever I had a cold he would swear by "good old Jakemans!" There was no need for medication, a Jakemans menthol would do the trick. 

Jakemans specialise in quality menthol confectionery. Established in England in 1907 and still going strong to this day. They are an alternative natural remedy to many common ailments.  

Not only are they fantastic for when you are full of a cold, with soothing vapour to soothe your passages, they are made by using the finest of ingredients, suitable for vegetarians and have no artificial colours or flavours! They come in a selection of delicious flavours. There is a Jakeman for every taste. See the range here.

They are a great treat for any time of the year, not just for when you have a cold. Because they have no hidden nasties you can have a sugary treat without too much guilt.

If you haven't tried Jakemans before then I urge you to go out and buy a bag or two.
You can buy them at most leading supermarkets and stores. 


  1. They are really great! Always help me when i have a flu.

  2. Sounds great, i always seem to hav a cold! x

  3. Will definitely have to give them a go

  4. I like the look of these, I don't like sweet sweets but do like a suck now and again :-)

  5. I tend to use Fisherman's Friends when I have a sore throat. Taste foul,but do the trick.