Review: AKG K551 Headphones

Being a self confessed geek I jumped at the chance to review these fabulous headphones!
AKG is a big name in the industry. Boasting top quality professional equipment at mid range prices.

On first glance at the AKG K551 headphones you can't help but notice how stylish and modern they are, perfect for any chic geek!

These are very large headphones, which fits in with the current trend. This makes them slightly less portable than others. I like the fact that they actually look like a pair of mini speakers.
You can tell straight away 
that this is a quality product.

I was sent the silver pair to review and the only thing that I would change about the appearance is the blue wire. It looks a bit out of place and would look so much better in black.

Famous AKG sound quality
1-31/32" (50mm) drivers
Real Image Engineering
Outstanding passive noise reduction
Closed-back design
In-line microphone and remote control
Classic-meets-contemporary design
2D-axis fold-flat mechanism
1/4" (6.3mm) jack adapter included

They are extremely comfortable to wear, with large soft ear cups that fit well around your ear,
closing off all audible contact with the outside world.
Just be sure to adjust them properly to suit, or you may find a slight loss of sound.

Make no mistake about it, the sound quality through these headphones is pretty astonishing. You can literally hear every tiny detail of every kind of track you put through them. This is definitely a plus point, being that they are reference headphones.

They would be perfect for use in a professional setting, such as music production and band recordings.

I think what impressed me the most performance wise, was that there is little to no sound leakage whatsoever. You can pretty much hear nothing outside of whatever you are listening too, which makes them great for use in busy or noisy environments.

Overall I would say these headphones are most suited in a professional setting such as recording studios. They are so well made that nothing you are listening to will be missed and you can be sure that whatever is going on in the outside world, it won't interrupt your favourite track. You feel fully immersed in the music and extremely comfortable!

Thumbs up from me!

I was not paid for this review but I did receive a pair for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Great review thanks - I really need some as my son keeps pinching mine lol!

  2. Yes, these phones are typical in sound to other "high end" AKGs.....and you are right on the money when you describe how you can see into the music using them....This is the purpose of AKG headphone's "sound", which is to let you hear all the music & all the parts.....Some people, many audiophile type listeners use headphones exactly for this purpose (me), while others would prefer to have their eyeballs bounced around by hyped bass "type" headphones......You wont get that from AKG.