Guest Post: Emma's Pregnancy Journey

I didn't plan my pregnancy nor did I believe it when I found out I was. I was 9 weeks & 5 days when I found out, I had no morning sickness so if it wasn't for my sister saying she thought I was pregnant it would have been left even longer maybe till I got a bump! The pregnancy was very straight forward, no morning sickness, no problems with growth of Alfie, head down quite early on. Everything was perfect. 

My due date was the 17th April but nothing seemed to be happening around that date and I was pretty deflated that my baby didn't want to make an appearance. I have a comfy tummy! I did get booked in for an induction at my 40 week appointment, but hoped I wouldn't have to do it that way. I had a sweep at 40+8, it was a little uncomfortable but nothing to worry about. Nothing happened so I had got in my head that it would be an induction. Two days after my sweep the labour started, even though I was overdue I didn't think it was labour. It was a back labour so I just thought my back was really hurting. My mucus plug went but it looked really bloody and I was quite worried. I did ring the hospital to see if they would just check on me and told me they weren't busy so to pop up as soon as I was ready. 

My sister took me up to the hospital as my boyfriend was at work. She sat with me for a while until my boyfriend managed to leave work and come and sit with me while I was being monitored. I was monitored for over 2 hours, the midwife just left us. The monitor kept beeping and heart rate going down but when I mentioned it the midwife she said the pads were losing contact. I still wasn't assured when she told me that, I knew something wasn't quite right. After about 2 and a half hours the lady came to take me off the monitor but as she was just about to take me off the machine it started beeping and flashing. She ran out the room and got a wheelchair and told me she had to get me up to the labour ward immediately. I was a nervous wreck, shaking, crying. I couldn't breathe properly as I was so worried and upset. She was rushing around which made me worse. When we got up to the labour ward the midwives had a machine ready to get me hooked up and his heart rate was back to normal, thank god. I didn't realise I was in labour until I was up on the labour ward, and the machine up there told them I was contracting every three mins. I couldn't believe I was contracting already, it wasn't that bad really. I bounced on my gym ball loads. 

When I was checked to see how many cm I was dilated I was three. I was well proud of myself for getting that far and I was quite over whelmed that I was even in labour really. I hadn't thought about it at all. So I didn't know what to expect, I think that's the best way though. They broke my waters for me, my waters were literally just meconium. He was obviously distressed the poor thing. His heart rate dipped quite a few times so he didn't like the contractions and couldn't cope that well. Due to Alfie's heart rate going dangerously low and back up again they decided they would need to test that he was getting enough oxygen by pricking his head to get some blood. I let them do it but I didn't like the idea of someone hurting my child, I decided then that I wanted my child out. After the doctor had finished messing around down there, trying to get blood from him, they gave me gas and air. They checked to see how much dilated I was and I was 7cm and was getting very upset with the pain. I don't think it was the actual pain that made me upset, it was the fact that I was scared about my baby. I was sick, labour isn't glamorous! The pain was worsening so they checked how much I was dilated and I had gone down to 6cm, my blood pressure was getting dangerously low and again Alfie's heart rate went down. A midwife slammed an emergency button and loads of people came flooding in, reading my notes. I was shaking really bad, and I was crying hysterically. I remember saying 'am I going to die' not because of pain because of my blood pressure.. I didn't feel right, I was making myself worse. 

One of the doctors said to me, would you be willing to have a c-section, I just said yes get him out. So they did it. Gave me the drug that made me numb and gave my boyfriend scrubs to put on. Everyone was around me trying to get me ready, i was getting so stressed. They gave me another drug to numb me and then got me wheeled down to surgery. I remember being pushed down to the treatment room in my bed, getting banged into doors and walls because they were rushing so much to get me to the room to get started. The room was freezing and they had the radio on, I tried to listen to the music but I couldn't I kept crying, my boyfriend sat near me holding my hand and kissing my head. He was my rock. They got started, I felt pushing and pulling all of a sudden my baby was in view. He wasn't crying though, he choked. I kept asking my boyfriend if he was ok, my boyfriend managed to say yeah course he is, through his tears. I told my boyfriend to go over to see him seeing as though I couldn't myself. He cut the cord and had a cuddle. He bought him over but I don't remember his face or anything. I don't think I gave him a kiss as I was scared of moving. All the midwives and nurses were telling me he was gorgeous and a big boy but I don't think I actually knew what they were saying. They stitched me all up and took me back to my room& gave me my son. I couldn't believe he was mine, he lived inside me for 9 months and now all of a sudden he was in my arms. He was and is gorgeous and I'm a very proud mummy!

Emma x


  1. Good Lordy what a story. So glad you got a happy ending. x

  2. Me too. You were such a trooper Emma and Alfie is absolutely beautiful! x

  3. Every mother, when she sees her baby for the first time, simply cannot hold back emotions because they emanate from her without her control and desire.