Guest Post: Karinda's Pregnancy Journey

After years of going backwards and forwards to the doctors, a scan, when I was 30, had reassured me that everything was fine.

It wasn’t. My first pregnancy journey took four years.

I remember buying one of those charts to check your temperature and thinking how awful it must be to get to the end of the 40 page book without success. 40 weeks later I was buying my second journal.

I had test after test until finally I received some devastating news. The consultant sat me down in her room while another consultant looked on and she explained what a unicornuate uterus was. I had half a womb, my left ovary was missing and they had to do more scans to see if my kidney was missing too. Sadly, it was. Finally, an MRI scan was done to see if my womb could support life.

The hospital decided a pregnancy would be possible and after more tests I was given the fertility drug clomid. I returned to the consultant three months later for more tablets. I was still charting my temperature for the hospital visits and the consultant commented that I probably wouldn’t need the prescription.

I didn’t believe her.

I didn’t believe the next 3 positive pregnancy tests either or the twelve week scan.  I did another test just to be sure but I didn’t believe that either.  The midwife laughed at me when I told her!

On Christmas Eve I received the news that the tests showed I was carrying a healthy baby.
My condition is extremely rare, the rarest of all uterine abnormalities and only 50% of pregnancies result in a live birth. I wanted to be one of those 50%. Sadly it meant I couldn’t get excited about planning the nursery, buying baby clothes or choosing a name. Every week past 25 weeks and every hospital visit was a milestone. At 30 weeks the hospital were worried about her growth. The reality she may not make it was the hardest event I had ever faced. Hospital visits increased from fortnightly to every few days.

Exactly three weeks before my due date my waters broke and I had to get to hospital. I was kept in and monitored and the worst part was going through labour in the pre natal ward on my own. I was scared and I was in pain and the intermittent checks by the midwife were the only company I had. Finally, at three o’clock, eleven hours after I arrived at hospital I went down to the labour suite. The midwife guided me through it and I was scared but excited knowing I would soon meet my baby girl, if she survived.

Suddenly, after the birth I lost a lot of blood and I felt it pump out of my body. Alarms bells were ringing and five midwifes came running in and tried to stem the blood loss with towels. A midwife asked ‘what’s her blood group’ while another frantically looked at my file.

‘B positive’

‘Cross match.’ Then footsteps as a midwife ran down the corridor.

That’s all I could think of; be positive as a midwife came back with a bag of blood and a bag of yellow liquid. I watched the tubes pump blood into my vein in my hand through the cannula. I don’t really remember what happened next. Just the relief as a midwife said it’s clotting as she got a second towel to soak up the blood. Then an alarm went again and the midwife went running to save another life, another baby.

‘S’ was born healthy and is now a beautiful and vibrant four year old.
Would I do it again?

‘A’ was born by emergency section in 2011 and ‘M’, our newest baby arrived by planned  c section in 2012. I’m the happiest girl alive!

Karinda x

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