Review: Project-B

Today I would like to introduce the Project-B Pregnancy and Wellbeing Box. And it is just that; a box full of goodies to help you through and after your pregnancy journey. Inside you will find products to help nurture you and advice to help guide you.
One box is delivered straight to your door every month. You can purchase one box as a one off gift for just £14 or subscribe online for a monthly subscription. There are 7 boxes in total, the first box starting at the fourth month of pregnancy. Each box is tailored to each stage of pregnancy and the products vary from healthy eating, relaxation, pampering and household goodies. Project-B have teamed up with top of the range brands such as Pregnacare, Spontex and Palmers and work with leading industry experts to provide valued advice.

I received Box 5 as I was between 30-34 weeks pregnant. Here is what I received;
Montezumas Chocolate – This little bar of chocolate is perfect for putting in the handbag for when I need a little sugar pick me up. Every pregnant lady will be happy with some chocolate.

Laboraide – Is a new natural birthing device that is said to reduce pain and duration of labour. It is sort of a tooth guard that you bite down on during labour. I have to say I am a little sceptical but I am going to pack it in my hospital bag and give it a go. I will keep you updated.

Pukka Tea – Three Ginger, Three Mint and Cleanse Tea. I’m not really a big tea drinker normally but do go through phases of preferring a herbal tea over a Coffee.

Nailgirls Nail Polish – I was happy to see some nail polish in my box. Not only is it a nice shade but it is also free from harmful chemicals you find in your regular nail polishes.

Floradix Liquid Iron – I have had low iron throughout my pregnancy so liquid iron is something I will consider trying if I wasn’t on prescription iron.

Femfresh Intimates Wipes – Another item I will be packing in my hospital bag. I am sure they will come in handy!

Amongst these items I also received cards which give you a run down on;
This Month in Pregnancy, Eating Well this Month, Staying Active this Month, What’s in your Box this Month.
The box value is £26.68

All in all I was happy with the box and the concept of Project-B. Having looked through the other boxes available Box 5 isn’t one of the most exciting boxes but it is the most practical. I will use most of these products and it is worth the £14!

I received this product for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Jenna! All of these boxes are beautiful. Have you subscribed to a few of them? I would love a box of goodies to turn up each week! and it's a great gift idea. Which was your favourite? xx

    1. Hiya! No I haven't subscribed as of yet. My favourite so far has been the Nonabox but for a one off gift it's got to be The Baby Box Company! x

    2. Project-B box is more related to pregnancy which is fab where as Nonabox and Baby Box Company are baby related. Depends what you are after x

  2. This is such a lovely idea! I had laboraide for my last baby and like you was sceptical but it is worth giving it a go!

  3. Did you use the Laboraide twin pack? if so, how well did it work?