Review: Soreen

Recently Soreen were kind enough to send me a box full of their tasty treats. We are big fans on malt loaf in this household so was very excited to sample the goodies. We were very surprised at how many different variations of Soreen there are and could not wait to get stuck in. 

Soreen has been around for the past 75 years and is a household name here in the UK. It all started with the original malt loaf and it just evolved from there. Malt loaf is best described as a sweet and chewy bread which is made from malt and usually contains fruit. It is great as a desert, as breakfast or even just as a snack, sliced with butter. Basically it is delicious at any time of day so you have every excuse to eat it at every available opportunity! 

Original- The classic Soreen Malt Loaf. Squidgy and delicious as ever! You can't go wrong with a slice with a brew. I feel so nostalgic when I take a bite, brings me right back to my childhood as I loved it even then.  

Toastie Loaf- The Toastie is a fabulous idea, already cut up ready for your toaster. I enjoyed it toasted with a bit of jam on in the morning as I'm not really a cereal person. It was nice to have a crunchy change compared to the squidgy original as I had never thought of toasting it before. Next time I treat myself to the Toastie Loaf I am going to try it with Nutella. 

Lunchbox Loaves- Another hit with me. I packed a few of these yummy Lunchbox Loaves in my hospital bag when I was going to be induced last month. The delicious original malt loaf in lunch box size were a much needed energy boost when I was in hospital. They would be perfect for parents who pack lunches for their children. 

Banana Bread Loaf- I love anything banana and I am a bit of a banana snob. I don't like the artificial banana taste so I was a bit apprehensive when testing the Banana Bread Loaf. Thankfully I was not disappointed. Instead of the raisins and sultana's the loaf if packed full of banana. My new favourite from Soreen. 

Cinnamon and Raisin Loaf- Very similar to the original but lightly spiced with cinnamon which would be perfect for a snack this Christmas. Truly scrummy! 

I was not disappointed with the range that I sampled and I thoroughly enjoyed every morsel.  It is no wonder Soreen is such a well loved household name!

I was sent these products for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. 

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