Benefits of the Cycle to Work Scheme

In recent years the government has been doing what it can do promote cycling to work as a better alternative to driving. However, what many employees might be unaware of is that the Cycle to Work scheme offers an affordable way to buy a bicycle. Once an employer signs up to the scheme, then an employee will be entitled to a certificate. The certificate can then be taken to participating bicycle shops to exchange for a bike package; the payments will then be taken from their monthly salary. A recent article which appeared on mummy blog The Crazy Kitchen explained in more detail how the Cycle Scheme works.

For anyone still wondering if the Cycle to Work Scheme is worthwhile participating in, here are some of the key benefits.

Congestion and Pollution
It’s widely reported that one of the greatestsorts of pollution to affect the environment is caused by carsThe fewer cars there are on the roads, the less congested the roads will be and there will be less pollution in the air. While there are some cyclists that might not want to compete with cars in the morning rush hour, cycling to work has become much safer with the introduction of cycle lanes, which have been created to help encourage more people to cycle to work rather than drive.

The motivation to either get fit, stay fitter, or lead a healthier lifestyle are each great reasons to take up cycling. As we ease ourselves into 2014, we’re all looking for ways to keep exercise interesting. This was touched upon in a recent post on another mum’s blog, The Good Mother Project, which discussed the healthy benefits of the cycle to workscheme.
It can be difficult to make time to exercise when working 9-5, or if you have young children to look after, however, cycling to and from work provides a low impact exercise that is gentle on the joints and helps to burn fat and calories.

Moreover, cycling is good for cardiovascular health and can help to maintain a healthy heart.
It is estimated that cycling to work every day is the equivalent to exercising in the gym for ten hours a week – and another bonus is that there are no gym fees to pay.
For working Mums there are options to attach a bike trailer or bike seat so kids can travel to and from nursery and share mum’s enthusiasm for cycling.

Donna at Redhead Babyled wrote an interesting post about learning to ride a bike earlier rather than later, which shows the importance of getting kids involved to understand the positive impact of cycling on health and environment.

It is much cheaper to keep a bicycle on the road than to pay for the costs of keeping a car going; with the rising costs of petrol, cycling to work can help to save a significant amount of money from the monthly budget. In addition to the money saved from not having to buy petrol to get to work and back every day, participants in the Cycle to Work scheme can save up to 32% on the cost of a bicycle.

Get Involved
Already, 100s of employers have recognised the benefits and are actively participating in the Cycle Scheme. If you’re interested in getting involved, check with your employer whether or not the company is eligible. Even if your employer isn’t yet signed up, it’s a simple process and if enough employees express an interest, any caring and considerate employee will look into it and sign up.

Next Steps
There are a number of bike shops participating in the Cycle to Work Scheme, Global Bike in Chester is just one. By locating your nearest participating shop, you can call in and speak to an expert about choosing the right bike.

This is a guest post.

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