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I've been into gaming for as long as I can remember. One of my fondest childhood memories is when my Dad won me the original Playstation. He entered a competition in our local McDonalds whilst we was at a Birthday party and I was lucky enough to win! I remember him picking me up from school and telling me the good news. I was so happy as they had just been released and really wanted an upgrade from our old Sega Megadrive. I have been a gamer ever since and always have a soft spot for the Playstation as it makes me remember that day all over again. 

When it was announced that the PS4 was about to released I knew I had to get my paws on one. Unfortunately as we are saving for our mortgage deposit it is still on my wishlist but I will get one eventually. My wishlist is also full of gaming accessories too cause every console needs to have top of the range accessories. PS4 headsets are at the very top of that list as a decent headset can totally enhance your gaming experience and transform the way you play, you can listen without limits and communicate with your friends all without irritating your other half. Gioteck is an online store which specialise in stocking such top quality accessories. There aren't many options out there when it comes to headsets for the new generation of consoles but Gioteck are on the ball and have released headsets for the PS4 and which are available to buy now. 

Are you a gamer? What is your console of choice? 

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