Pamper Time

Being a new Mum I find it difficult to fit it any "me" time but when I do find the time I like to have a mini pamper session. It's amazing what a bubble bath and a little make up can do for your self esteem, you can feel like a new woman!

 I have money left over from Christmas and want to revamp my make up kit as I am fed up of using the same old bits of make up and using the same old tools to apply it. This lead me to put together my make up wishlist. 

I've heard a lot of positive comments regarding Mineral Foundation but I am yet to try it myself. As a fan of powder I think it would be ideal for me especially as it would be quick and easy to apply while keeping an eye on the baby. There is a great range of Mineral Foundation from Mii that is number one on my wishlist! 

I don't use anything other than MAC blush. They apply so smoothly and are so easy to blend. They come in a wide range of colours and last for so long. You get your money's worth and I want to add a few different shades to my collection. 

A top quality blush needs a top quality brush to apply it with. I think make up brushes are overlooked and there is no point spending a fortune on cosmetics if you don't have decent brushes. Gerrard International stocks a wide range of high quality make up and foundation brushes and I have my eyes on numerous of their fabulous brushes. 

These three items are on the top of my wishlist right now and I can't wait to get my paws on them. What goodies are currently on your wishlist? 

This is a PR Collaboration. 

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