Review: Naty Nappies

Since I became a Mum 7 weeks ago I have been on the hunt for the perfect nappy. I am nappy obsessed. Every store I go into whether it be Asda, Tesco, Boots or Aldi I always pick up a pack of nappies to test out. I am becoming quiet the nappy snob! 

I have always been conscientious when it comes to waste and recycling and was shocked to discover how many nappies the UK goes through on a daily basis, 8 million! 8 million! Considering that 1 single nappy takes more than 200 years to decompose naturally, well that is just frightening. We should all look into cutting down our nappy useage or look into greener alternatives. This is where Naty comes in. 

Naty nappies are a totally unique eco friendly nappy. That don't just claim to be green but are green! They are 100% chlorine free, contain no oil based plastics and are made from GMO free corn based film and biodegradable materials. The soft cloth like feel of Naty nappies is not only gentle and more comfortable for your baby but allows your baby to move freely and at ease. 

Naty were perfect for Noah. I used them day and night and I never had a leak, no nasty red marks and no chemical smell which some nappies have. They were suitable for day and night and I wouldn't hesitate in purchasing them in the future. Great for my baby and great for the environment. Win, win! 

I was sent a pack of Naty Nappies for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. 

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