Baby bookworm

Books played a huge role in my childhood. Many of my childhood memories contain a book or two from Spot the Dog to James and the Giant Peach. I was always encouraged to read from my parents and was helped every step of the way. From toddler to teenager, I always had my nose in a good book. To this day I still love to indulge in a great novel, it's just finding the time now I am a new Mum. 

It's never too early to start reading to your baby. There are dozens of benefits from reading to your little ones. Here are some of them to give you an idea- 

- Communication. Reading to your baby teaches them all about communication. Not only do they find it entertaining but books also introduce numbers, letters, colours and shapes in a way that is interesting to them. 

- Learning. Your child will gain listening, memory and communication skills from reading. And will learn all about the world around them which lets there imagination shine. 

- Bonding. It's a time where you can sit down, cuddle up and read to your child. A special time that could be part of your nightly routine. Your child will really enjoy this one on one time and feel safe and secure. Whatever age your child may be. 

Reading is something I hope Noah enjoys just as much as I do and at just 3 months old he already has quite the collection of books. One shop I visit regularly for books is The Works and at the moment there is an incredible offer on, 10 books for £10! Which is perfect for building up your child's library. 

This is a PR collab. 


  1. The Works is such a fantastic place to pick up some great book bargains! x

  2. Agree we've read books since the kids were babies