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I have been blogging for a while now but still feel like I am new to it all as there is so much to learn. From the jargon, the html, the stats and more. I feel like I learn something new everyday. One thing I know for sure is my blog wouldn't be where it is today if it wasn't for certain media techniques. 

Here are some of the basics I have learnt to attract more hits and followers to my blog:

Twitter - One of the easiest sites to use. Install it on you smart phone or go old school on your pc. You can promote your posts and pages in tweets. But don't forget to use the hashtags!  

Facebook - Similar to Twitter. Easy to use and you can share your blog posts on your timeline.

Instagram - Share photo's from your blog on instagram and link your URL in the description. Easy.

Bloglovin & GFC - The foundation for all blogs. 

It would be daft not to take full advantages of free social media websites for free publicity. You can create blog accounts on all the social media platforms and then promote your individual posts and blog home page from them. Not only are you attracting more hits to your blog but by gaining new followers and likes you begin gathering a loyal group of blog readers who tune in frequently. 

Promoting your blog is just like promoting a business. If you are a company who wants to launch and grow you business total media agency is a great place to start. They are a media company who specialise in helping their clients achieve their business goals and ambitions. 

- This is a PR Collaboration. 

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