Noah's Favourites- 2 Months old

Noah is currently 11 weeks old and he is just starting to take an interest in things other than his bottle so I thought it would be a good idea to blog all about his favourites. It's so exciting watching him discover new things and noticing the items he is really takes a liking to. It will be nice to blog all about his favourites as they adapt as he gets older and to take a look back when we are feeling nostalgic. I would like to thank Kerry over at Oh so Amelia for inspiring me to do so.

So here is a list of my baby's favourites this month. 

Aden and Anais Swaddle - Noah loves his blankets but the Aden and Anais swaddle has got to be his favourite. We have the orange star swaddle which was kindly sent to us from The Baby Box Company before Noah was born. I loved it then and reviewed it here but I didn't realise how much he would love it. It is huge and super soft. I only have to put it on Noah's lap and a minute later he is snuggling up to it, rubbing it against his face and nodding off. I have a feeling this may become a comfort blanket for him. He loves it so much. 

Spongebob - Noah has discovered the TV this month and he is obsessed. I was reading him a book a few days ago and I looked down and he wasn't paying any attention as he is far too busy watching TV! His favourite has got to be Spongebob Squarepants, which I find really irritating! The most annoying cartoon! He will lie on his play mat for a good half an hour watching it, which gives me time to wash up and have a brew. He also seems to like The Simpsons and Doc McStuffins.   

Vtech Alfie Bear - Alfie is a little interactive bear from Vtech. He's very small and compact, easy for carting around in your changing bag or attaching to your pram. It also cost next to nothing and was under £10. Alfie talks, counts, plays music and lights up. I think Noah mainly enjoys him because of the lights. Very cute! I can tell we will be huge fans of Vtech as Noah gets older.

Vtech Ocean Mobile Projector - Noah's nursery has been set up ready for him since I was 20 weeks pregnant but we hadn't put him in his cot until recently because it ended up covered in his Christmas presents. I finally got around to sorting out all the presents and he finally had a lie down in his cot. I already bought him a neutral cot mobile from Mama's and Papa's but he was bought this Vtech one for Christmas. We decided to put it up to see how he reacted and he absolutely loved it! It glows up, projects stars on the ceiling, makes under water sounds, bubbles and plays melodies. The fish go round and round and he will stare at it in utter amazement. It was so adorable watching him react to it and he always ends up chatting and smiling to the fishes and crabs. I'm not to sure if it would help him go to sleep though as he easily becomes over stimulated and usually needs to settle in a dark and quiet room. I find it better for playtime. 

Lamaze Peacock - I bought Jauques before he was born after reading so many positive comments about Lamaze and I haven't been disappointed and neither has Noah. We hang it on his play gym and he always manages to play with or look at the peacock rather than the other items on his gym. It's a toy I know he will enjoy more and more as he gets older too. We have also bought the fish and wrist rattles from Lamaze but we haven't played with those as much yet. 

Fisher Price Rainforest Gym - We tried Noah on his Fisher Price play gym from a young age and was really disappointed as every time we placed him on it he would pay no attention to it. He would much rather watch the TV or stare at the ceiling. Thankfully we kept trying him on it and he now loves it. Gym time is part of our daily routine and after his dinner he has a good wriggle on it. He stares at the lights, has a good kick about and a natter. It's fab! 

What toys were your babies favourites at 2 months old? 


  1. The only thing I recognise from your list is Spongebob :)

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