Review: Nodpod

Noah is now at that stage now where you really know what his likes and dislikes are. He is really beginning to show preferences for certain items and it's so endearing to watch. His favourite things have got to be blankets. Blankets, towels, swaddles, muslin cloths, wraps. Anything soft that he can grab hold of, drag up to his nose and get cosy with is a winner with him. Even when he isn't napping he likes to play with his blankets. He will grab hold of them and flap his arms about. I thought I would share another of his favourites with you, his trusty Nod Pod. 

As I am a Beebies Baby Store Ambassador I was sent some goodies to review back when Noah was newborn. One of those items was the Nod Pod. The Nod Pod is a soft fleecy baby blanket which has cosy leg compartments. Noah has never liked being swaddled but he absolutely loves his Nod Pod as you can wrap his arms up in it or keep them out. This is great for him as he sometimes likes to keep his arms out and will become agitated if he can't move them about. The Nod Pod is safe for car seats and it is so much easier putting him in it rather than a thick pram suit. 

I can't praise the Nod Pod enough as we use it on a daily basis. Indoors, outdoors, in the car, in his pram! We are always getting comments on where we got it from and how comfortable Noah looks in it. I recommend it to everyone and there is a new selection on the Beebies Baby Store at the moment. Another baby essential in our house. 

- I was sent this item for the purpose of this review. However all opinions are my own.  

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  1. That looks a brilliant idea, am I right in thinking it'd be harder to kick off when he's in the pram?