Shredding those pregnancy pounds

You may remember my recent New Year’s resolution post, where I vowed to shed all of my excess baby and Christmas weight. Now that I’ve finished off the last of the festive choccies, I’ve been looking into some of ways I can make this resolution a reality. Here’s what I found:

Slimming tablets
Now I know slimming tablets have had something of a battering in the press and I would only use them as a last resort but, having said that, you can get some great slimming aids these days. Online retailer Slimming Solutions has a great selection, including the highly rated Slim Bomb, but before I make any purchases, I’ll make sure that the tablets are 100 per cent right for me.

Keep-fit DVDs
After January, the shops are always full of fitness DVDs fronted by some celebrity or other. I never normally bother with them, but since having Noah, my priorities have changed. As you’ll probably know, raising a child can be time-consuming, not to mention tiresome. Once baby’s been put to bed, the last thing I want to do is to don my shorts and t-shirt and hit the gym. That’s why I’m seriously considering buying a fitness DVD this year. I can pop it on when Noah’s napping, so it’s a much more convenient way to burn some calories. Trouble is, I haven’t a clue which one to choose!

Organised walks
It is important that I fit my exercising in around being a mum, so that’s why I’m thinking about taking Noah along with me. Walking is a great form of gentle exercise, so I’m thinking about getting some of my pals with children together and going for some nice walks. I’ve had a look at Walks With Buggies for some inspiration for when we get bored of strolling around the park. They have some great pushchair-friendly routes across the UK, so I’ll definitely be doing some of these once the summer rolls around again. These are just a few of my options and I am determined to succeed. Of course, I’ll be eating right too. Spurring me on is the thought of a whole new wardrobe to match the new me!

- This is a PR Collaboration 


  1. I tried the strictly come dancing workout recently... not entirely sure what part of me was meant to move where! I do like fitness dvds though, especially Rosemary Connely + blogilates on YT is great too. You did well to still have christmas choccies! They never last in my house :D
    Great post,
    L xo

  2. What I do is have an exercise machine (exercise bike/rower/cross-trainer etc.) in front of the TV. Then when I have the time I just watch TV for half an hour whilst gently peddle away. Get into the habit of doing that 2-3 times a week, sorted.