Sleeping like a baby

Before I was a Mum I used the old phrase "I slept like a baby" regularly. Now as a new Mum I realise how daft that saying is as babies don't tend to sleep that well, well not usually..

We are very fortunate that Noah loves his sleep. When he was a newborn he would wake every 2 to 3 hours for a feed but as the weeks went by his sleep periods increased in time and now at 3 months old he sleeps through. Usually between 12 or 14 hours. There have been many occasions that I have thought, ok it's getting a little late now and I have actually had to rouse him, much to his disapproval. So actually the term "sleeping like a baby" is very apt for Noah and I, for now anyway.

He has been sleeping like this for a good couple of weeks now and I know that I shouldn't count my chickens just yet as that dreaded four month sleep regression is just around the corner. I must admit that I am hoping he skips that part! 

He is also still sleeping in his moses basket and in the next week or two we need to make the transition to cot. It's so sad that he won't be in his moses beside me anymore. He will still be beside us though as he will still be in our room but he's going to be in his big boy cot.

Once we have moved into our new home we will be decorating his new bedroom and a year or two down the line will be looking into buying him his first proper bed. There are some fabulous children's beds on the market from bunk beds to beds shaped like cars. 

But for now I will enjoy him while he still fits in a cot beside his Mummy. 

This is a PR collab. 


  1. Noah's adorable! Hope he continues to sleep well in his big boy's cot :)

  2. What a cutie, I wish my youngest would sleep :)

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