Shop till you drop

I can't remember the last time I had a shopping spree just for me. As a new Mummy my shopping spree's now consist of trollies full of baby clothes or baskets full of nappies. I've never been one of these girls who loves to go clothes shopping and "shops till they drop" as I often get frustrated when clothes shopping. That doesn't mean I don't love treating myself to a new dress or handbag or two. 

I have a few events coming up; my first mothers day, my birthday and a wedding so I have a few outfits that I need to put together. I am also losing weight fast on Slimming World so I need some nice new dresses to reward myself. This means I am going to have to brave the high street as I want to try on lots of different outfits! I find that visiting outlet stores in the UK makes everything a little easier for people like me. Not only do you find bargains but all different stores are all under one roof. Perfect for busy Mummy's who don't really have the time to shop till they drop. I can grab a dress and go! 

This is a PR collaboration. 

photo credit: Ktoine via photopin cc

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