Review: Nonabox - May Edition

Thank you Nicola from Nicola Life Through My Eyes for supplying the image. I didn't have chance to take a picture before the drink was guzzled by my other half. 

These past few months Noah and I have been lucky enough to review a Nonabox each month. I love subscription boxes and Nonabox is high up there with my favourites. It is a must have for Mum's and Mum's to be. You can subscribe here

That being said I wasn't impressed with what was in my box this month. Each month Nonabox had been getting better and better but this month was a let down I'm afraid. There was some useful things in there but compared to the previous months it just didn't meet expectations. It almost seemed like something was missing and it has lost it's spark. 

Here is what was inside-

My Name Tags  £4
Shea Mooti 120ml £14.99
Mabyland Wipe Bag £3.99
Berry White Organic Drink £1.69
Aquaint Spray Antibacterial £2.80
Once Upon A Time Box Hat  £3
Once Upon A Time Box Bib £3

Total £33.47

As the box costs £25 a month you still get your money's worth but not by much. The Once upon a time goodies are nice for a newborn but other than those two items I don't find anything else very interesting or useful. Of course the antibacterial lotion will be handy but that's about it. 

Having one bad box doesn't put me off Nonabox though as their boxes are usually packed to the brim of interesting and exciting products. 

- I was sent this product for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Yep, we thought the same. This month's box was a disappointment! x