Fifteen Festive Favourites

I was tagged by the lovely Hayley from Sparkles and Stretchmarks to take on the "Fifteen Festive Favourites" tag so here I am. Here are my fifteen! 

01. Favourite Festive Food
Well well well lets get down to serious business! I have to say I am partial to a pig in blanket or two (but they have to be almost cremated!) I love having a huge turkey sandwich on boxing day with crusty bread and lashings of butter too. 

02. Favourite Reindeer
There's more than one? Only joking! I'm going to go with Dasher, just to be different! 

03. Favourite Day of Christmas
I think Christmas Eve! I love the anticipation and excitement the night before the big day.

04. Favourite Christmas Song
Having worked in retail for most of my adult life my love of Christmas songs has dwindled a little considering shops but Christmas songs on a loop as soon as get into December! It was enough to drive anyone mad. That being said I do like a bit of Jingle Bell Rock! 

05. Favourite Present
I'm probably the easiest person in the world to buy Christmas presents for as I love everything and I'm cheap! I love love love receiving a nice pair of socks, new PJ's and some bubble bath! 

06. Favourite Festive Film
I'm not that big on Christmas films but if I had to choose it's got to be either Santa Clause or The Nightmare before Christmas! 

07. Favourite Festive Cracker Toy
Nail clippers? Someone needs to reinvent all these cracker toys and bring them into the 21st century. 

08. Favourite Cracker Joke
Why does Santa have 3 lawns?
So he can mo mo mo! 

09. Favourite Christmas Decoration
I don't really have one as of yet. I like the tradition of letting your child pick a different Christmas decoration or bauble every year. This is something I want to start doing with Noah. He was 6 weeks old last year on his first Christmas so he didn't choose one but we did buy him a "baby's first Christmas" bauble ornament. Even though he will only be 13 months this time around we are going to let him pick one out. I think it will be so lovely.  

10. Favourite Christmas Candle Scent
I blooming love candles and they are even more amazing at Christmas. It's hard to choose just one Christmas scent but anything Cinnamon or sickly sweet is winner with me. 

11. Favourite Christmas TV Advert
The Coca Cola ad. It's got to be! Every single year I get goosebumps watching it and I am overcome with nostalgia. I love it. 

12. Favourite Festive Tradition
We don't really have festive traditions set in stone but now that we are a little family we will certainly be starting some. As I mentioned I above I am really fond of the Christmas bauble tradition and that is something we will be starting this year. I also like the Christmas Eve boxes too.

13. Favourite Place to Spend Christmas
At home surrounded by family. I couldn't imagine being anywhere else. How strange would it be being abroad for Christmas? I don't know how people can do it. 

14. Favourite Christmas Fact
Christmas tree's are usually grown for around 15 years before they are sold. I find that a little sad really! 

15. Favourite Snowman Accessory

His scarf, super cute!

So there you have it, my Fifteen Festive Favourites! I feel more festive already and it's my turn to tag some lovely fellow bloggers.

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