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I'm always trying to change the choices I make on an everyday basis to better the environment. It pleases me greatly when I see big brands and companies trying to do their part too so I thought I would share this article with you today.

Budweiser partners with farmers in the UK

Farmers across the UK will play a key role in a new program with Budweiser brewer, AB InBev, to reduce their environmental footprint whilst producing barley for the iconic global beer brand.

23 farms across the UK will grow barley for Budweiser from January 2015. They will also be part of AB InBev’s SmartBarley℠ initiative, a farm level benchmarking tool that enables growers to compare their barley production — through advanced productivity and environmental key performance indicators — to the production of other barley growers within their region as well as globally.

They will work in partnership with Crisp Malting Group, Glencore Grain and Agrii on a new program to produce malting barley which will seek to meet the specific needs for Budweiser while optimising productivity and reducing their environmental footprint.

SmartBarley℠ was launched in 2014 to incorporate more than 1,900 barley growers across Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Mexico, Russia, the United States and Uruguay. This will be the first SmartBarley℠ project in the UK.

John Rogers, the Manager of Global Procurement Raw Material at AB InBev said, “We are thrilled to have farmers from across the UK joining our SmartBarley℠ initiative and we look forward to working together with them to achieve our shared goals of improved productivity, profitability and natural resource efficiency. SmartBarley℠ leverages benchmarking and the exchange of best practices to deliver value to grower farms and our supply chain, and we are proud to be part of the UK’s long-standing excellence in farming.”

Jennifer Anton, the Marketing Manager for Budweiser said, “Budweiser has a significant role to play in working with our supply chain to protect the environment and we are very proud to be working together with farmers in the UK to achieve our shared goals while brewing the famous Budweiser recipe.”

James Florey of the Rectory Farm in Northmoor said, “This is great opportunity which fits in well with our farming practice as we look to combat flooding problems. We are very pleased to have the opportunity to work with Budweiser and look forward to seeing the results.”

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