Are you sticking to your New Year's resolutions?

New Year is the perfect time to make a fresh start and kick some of those old habits into shape. Making New Year's resolutions is a lot of fun but how can you make sure you’ll keep to them? Here are four of the most popular resolutions and our top tips for making them stick… 

Get fit 
This resolution applies to everyone. If you’re already super fit then well done you – now it’s time to maintain your fitness! If, like most of us, you could use a little more exercise, try getting yourself a workout diary. Whether you’re taking a class, visiting the gym, going for a walk or working out at home, tracking your progress is a great way to succeed. Write down what you did each session, along with a couple of notes about how you felt. Looking back over your fitness log will help motivate you going forward. 

Keep a clean house 
Have you noticed how much calmer you feel when the space you’re living in is clean and tidy? It’s not always easy (especially if you have kids) but keeping a neat living area can do wonders for your state of mind. Try scheduling just 30 minutes a day to clean something or tidy a room. Make a list of tasks and chose one to tackle each time. You could even create a fun housework playlist of your favourite tunes and blast it out whilst dancing your way around the house! 

Quit smoking 
This is one of the most challenging resolutions to keep and many people struggle to maintain it each year. Are you sticking to your no-smoking resolution? To help you along, an electronic cigarette is a great alternative. Many people find that by choosing to smoke an electronic cigarette, they can satisfy their cravings without harming their health in the way that traditional cigarettes would. These days, electronic cigarettes come with a huge range of flavour options, including tobacco, fruits, drinks and even desserts! 

Spend more time with family and friends 
We all lead busy lives but it’s important to make time for close friends and family. Social media mobile apps make this easier than ever – just make sure they don’t take over your day! Set yourself a reminder once a week to call a friend or your mum for a chat. Weekly or monthly drinks with a group of friends are always fun. Schedule them in, depending on how much time everyone has, or if money is tight, rent a movie and open a bottle at home. If your social group includes parents, agree a date to meet well in advance, so they can arrange for a babysitter.


  1. I'm doing okay on mine... broke it one a little yesterday but it was a blip!

  2. I'm doing quite well with mine so far, fingers crossed it continues! x

  3. I love that idea of scheduling in a call to your mum or a friend each week. As soon as I have a little bit of time to myself when my girls are a bit older I'm going to do that. Lovely post. As for my resolution, it's going well! I decided to exercise every day in January, and I've done it so far!x