Confessions of a photoholic

Now don't get me wrong I am no expert when it comes to photography and don't claim to be either. I did study photographic media at college and gained a national diploma but to be honest I have pretty much forgotten most of the tips that I learnt while on the course. That being said I love taking photo's wether it be on my DSLR or iPhone and there isn't a day that goes by where I don't take a photo.

I thought I would share my own personal rules that I tend to stick by to try to achieve the best photo possible-

Lighting - Light is the key aspect to taking a good photo. You need to have decent light to create the clearest image possible. I have a love/hate relationship with light for this reason as a lot of the time I snap a candid shot and it's perfectly timed but the lighting is terrible making the quality poor. 

Composition - This is my favourite part of photography as composition is a fantastic way to express yourself. You can take a photo of the most boring subject imaginable but if you get your composition and angle right you can change what would of been a run of the mill photo into something spectacular. 

SubjectExperiment with subject matters! Of course pointing you camera at something beautiful will make a beautiful photo, that's pretty obvious but I find that taking photo's of a subject that's a little different or even overlooked always makes an interesting image. 

Medium - What do you take your photo's on? I use a combination of both my iPhone, compact camera and DSLR. It does get confusing taking photo's on so many different mediums but I do have some sort of system. For everyday images I tend to use my phone or superzoom camera as they are convenient and easy to use. For occasions I dig out my old DSLR and have my other cameras on hand too. 

Snap away - Take as many photo's as possible. It's better to have too many and get the shot rather than not enough. I find my favourite photo's are actually the ones that aren't posed and have been caught in the moment. 

For me photography isn't about being clinical, all about apertures and shutter speeds. It's about pointing, clicking and having fun!

Do you have any photography tips?


  1. Couldn't agree with you more, the more photos the merrier! I have a hard drive packed full of hundreds of thousands of photos since Abbie was born, I have so so many but i've captured so much :) x

  2. Great tips Jenna! I`m really trying to work on my photography this year! xx

  3. I love taking photos and my only tip would be to take lots of photos, everywhere and at different times of the day to really get a feel for the camera and what works for you x