Fun things to do while your baby sleeps

Most of you who are mothers to cute little babies would certainly agree that the only time when you can indulge in some interesting activities or just have a bit of fun is when your baby is sleeping. This may be the only time that you get to spend by yourself and do things that you love. Most mothers would prefer to spend these precious moments by taking a nap while their little angels are sleeping so as to recover from a hectic day. For many, the day started early in the morning with the baby crying resonating as an alarm, that you certainly could not miss! On the other hand, it is highly recommended that you take up some fun activities as they can give you the necessary boost to have a perfect day and bring much more energy and confidence in yourself than you thought you had.

Your hubby might be busy tackling his business meetings as you are at home looking after your baby. This picture is that of a daily routine that may turn your days into monotonous ones; however you can change it all as from today by having a little fun in those precious moments when your baby is having a nap. You can start playing at Bingo Extra via your pc, laptop, tablet or mobile, where you will find a large number of mummies just like you who are having a “breather” by indulging in a few games of free bingo as well as real money bingo. At Bingo Extra, you can share your experience with other mums and have a good laugh in the hosted bingo rooms where the fun has no end. This will definitely put some positive vibes back into your life as you will be able to make new friends, and at the same time catch a few wins on the different exciting games such as bingo, slots, roulette, poker, blackjack and scratchcards.

Have you ever dreamt of being a photographer? Here is your chance to realise this dream by taking pictures of your sleeping babies, however be careful not to wake them up! We know that you love to watch sleeping, and you can do that for hours as they are the cutest and sweetest things you’ve ever seem. So why not capture those magical moments? You can create an album of your sleeping babies in their cutest PJ’s. Try to capture the moment from different angles to be more creative and you could be the next artsy crib celebrity on social networks.

If you want to gain more confidence, you can start an activity that is out of your comfort zone as this brings back your fighter spirit. If you think that you are not so good at baking, take out that old recipes book and get your hands dirty. You might be surprised by how good a baker or cook you are and it will certainly be very much appreciated by your hubby too. Have you thought of surprising your husband by making some minor changes to the decoration? If you’ve had enough of seeing the same old mementos on a shelf, or the couch and table in the same position, you can start to do an interior makeover by getting new mementos or by changing the position of the furniture, which will give your house a new fresh look.

There are numerous fun activities that you can do while your babies are sleeping, and it can be anything from remodelling, surfing the net, playing your preferred game, watching a movie, doing the laundry, baking a cake, calling your BFF, reading, sewing, knitting some mittens, taking pictures of your wee ones, etc. Make the most of your free time as this is your time to have fun.

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  1. When the children are asleep here I blog like a mad thing :) It seems to be my only hobby at the moment x