My favourite things to do online

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There's no point in trying to hide it, I am addicted to the internet. I spend countless hours everyday online whether it be aimless browsing on websites, chatting to friends on social media or working on my blog. Here are some of the many ways I like to spend my time when online. 

Blogging - As a blogger it comes as no surprise that I spend most of my online time writing blog posts and communicating with brands. When I turn my laptop on it's the first thing that I do, I check my blog. It's my favourite way to do while on the computer and something I feel very passionate about.

Shopping - That goes without saying really doesn't it. Who doesn't like a spot of retail therapy? I actually prefer doing all type's of shopping online rather than going into store. It's so much easier and I do like to earn cashback on all my online purchases via top cashback.

Social media - It's insane how consuming social media is. I always have my phone next to me and sometimes it's just second nature to pick it up and have a scan through all your notifications. It's a great way to keep up to date with family and friends. 

Reading blogs - I love spending time reading posts from my favourite blogs. My top three blogs at the moment are Sparkles and Stretchmarks, More Than Just a Mummy and Messed up Mum. All three are wrote by three amazing women and each of their blogs are so different and so wonderful in their own way.

Playing bingo - My auntie won big on online bingo a few years back and ever since it's been something I try to dabble in here and there in the hope that I could be just as lucky! With so many different places to play bingo online a bingo comparison site like two big ladies is a big help to determine which is right for you. 

Online gaming - When I am in the mood I do enjoy to play games online on my iPad. I rarely get chance to these days but I am partial to a bit of candy crush or castleville from time to time, as embarrassing as that is to admit.

How do you enjoy to spend your time online? 

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