Our Favourite Books for Easter

It's no secret that Noah and I love a good book. He doesn't really have the patience to sit through an entire book just yet but that doesn't stop him from thoroughly enjoying them. I like to buy different books for different occasions and I thought I would share with you our Easter favourites.

1. Little Chick - Finger Puppet Book
This book is pocket sized and perfect for popping into your changing bag. It's super cute and already proving to be a big hit with Noah.

2. Hop, Hop, Bunny - Board Book

I like this book as it's rather unique as you move the bunny through the book as you read. This is new to Noah and has really caught his attention. 

3. Farewell Floppy - Hardcover Book

Farewell Floppy is probably aimed more at the older children but we enjoyed it none the less. The story starts off a little dark but of course it has a happy ending! 

4. Personalised Easter Bunny Story - Soft Back Book

This book is from Born Gifted and is personalised with Noah's name. It's a lovely story and a memorable keepsake. I'm such a fan of personalised gifts and I know I will be bringing this book out every year.

5. Peter Rabbit - Easter Surprise - Board Book
Who doesn't love Peter Rabbit? He is a must have, especially for Easter.

6. Cheep Cheep - Pop-Up Book
We have had Cheep Cheep for a while now but I thought it was perfect for this time of year. It's a very bold and attractive book, one that really catches Noah's eye. He is rather heavy handed with the pop up's though so I have to be watchful when Noah has his hands on it.

We are having so much fun with our Easter book collection. The Little Chick is Noah's favourite and he likes to kiss him right on the beak, so cute.

Does your little one have a favourite Easter book? 


  1. These books look lovely for Easter and would make a lovely little gift

    Kirsty Fox

  2. The books look great, and a nice idea foran Easter gift.

    Rachel Craig

  3. I do like Easter time. I think it is Spring, flowers blooming, young lambs, chicks, green leaves on the trees etc. The healthy signs of life that I enjoy / appreciate. It is nice when the sun shines, the weather is dry and we get outdoors to enjoy the scenery etc.

    Rachel Craig

  4. Great selection of books, I never really thought about reading easter related books before :) x

  5. It's an interesting choice of books for Easter. I guess I'll write a Coolessay to see if there is a better range of reading pieces for the holiday.