Take a break for five minutes

Being a mum to young children generally means that your days are pretty full-on. Apart from all the day to day stuff such as getting them up, dressed, fed and out of the door to nursery or school, you also have to help them learn to read, tie their shoes, and learn all about the ways of life. On top of the educational stuff, you need to factor in time to have fun with your kids as well as keep on track with work (paid or not), and keeping the house in order. It’s not surprising that it sometimes feels like you don’t have a minute to yourself until the kids are tucked up in bed, and you and your partner have had dinner and washed up.

However, if you slog your way through the day without any down time, you can end up feeling grouchy and maybe not being such a great mummy in the process. Just a few little breaks for your benefit during the day will give you time to recharge your batteries and then carry on with the rest of the day.

If your children still nap, see that as a time to have a rest yourself. You may not have the time or desire to actually nap, but sitting down and having a cuppa will do you more good than rushing round putting the washing on or something else equally useful. Take five and play a game or two. A game like online bingo is ideal. With so many bingo sites online, there’s always a game about to start somewhere. To get started, click here and you can join a bingo site such as 32red or Gala and be playing within a couple of minutes. The games are fast-paced and often prove a great way to spend any short break you may have during the day.

Bingo’s a great game to unwind with as it doesn’t require any mental effort. On most sites, the software marks the corresponding numbers off on your cards as the calls are made, so you can just sit back and see what happens. There’s also the option of chatting online to people playing the same game – and sometimes that can be just what you need if you’re feeling a little isolated being at home with the kids all day. There are plenty of other online games you could try; bingo’s just one example, of course.

When you’re not in the mood to play, but still want to have a break, then do something self-indulgent like filing your nails, or giving them a quick coat of polish. It only takes a few minutes to do this, but it’ll give you a lift.

If you’re feeling stressed out, then some deep breathing can really help calm you down and help you to feel more grounded. You don’t need to get into meditation, or spend ages doing it, but learning some deep breathing techniques and putting them into practice for five minutes at some point during the day will give you a real boost.

What you do for those five-minute breaks doesn’t really matter – the important thing is that you take some time for yourself during the day to unwind. It’ll make life go more smoothly, trust me!

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  1. I love Little Man's nap time. LP will sit and watch a movie, having some quiet sofa snuggly time and I'll do some jobs before sitting down with her and having a few minutes and a cup of tea x