Delightful DIY Ideas to Transform your Kids’ Bedrooms

As parents you’ll want your children to feel their bedroom is a safe and happy place to be and this is the perfect chance for you to get creative with your home décor. There are some relatively easy ways to transform your kids’ bedrooms into a place which is not only personal to them but is also something they can delight in.

With a little elbow grease, a little know-how and some durable tools, you’ll be ready to take on some of our suggestions. Make sure you get decent equipment though from somewhere like Anglia Tool Centre, as you’ll want to ensure your tools are fit for purpose. Without further ado then, what follows are a selection of our most innovative suggestions to try:

Fun Uses of Lighting
You can brighten up their bedrooms even more by turning lampshades into protectors. Place non-flammable fabric cut-outs on the edge of over their lightshades and you can project shadows their favourite characters from books and films on the wall. Also, if you fasten and drape some sheets from the ceiling and adorn these with fairy lights you can create a comforting night sky effect above them as they sleep.

Washing Line Wall Art
Instead of hammering lots of nails into the walls to hang framed pictures, with just two nails at either end of the room, you can hang a string washing line across instead and peg pictures on to this. The best part about this is you can quickly hang everything from family images, to pictures they’ve drawn and posters, without the faff of having to reframe or re-nail these images at a later date.

Alternative Storage
Do away with flat-pack furniture and buy some cheap wooden pallets to turn into cool looking storage solutions. With a quick sanding, a lick of protective paint and a couple of screws to secure it to the wall, the internal sections of each pallet can become makeshift shelves. Also if you add some extra pieces to the end sections of the pallet, they can be used like pots to store other items too.

Chalkboard Decoration
Instead of painting or papering each wall, you can line one area as a feature wall with chalkboard slate which you and your kids can draw on together. Again, you can draw the latest characters they like or just let them get creative and colour one part of their room the way they choose.

As alluded to above, you don’t need to be a DIY master to tackle these jobs just a little effort and the right tools. So give some of these a try and make your kids’ bedrooms into the special spaces they should be.


  1. Some great ideas! I use pinterest quite alot aswell for diy tips xx

  2. I've been thinking of a chalkboard wall, might be a summer project!

  3. some great ideas, love the washing line tip.

  4. I have a magnetic white board in my twins room which they love!