Father’s Day Presents for an Extreme Sports Fanatic

If your Dad’s into the more adventurous side of life, why give him a boring old father’s day gift? Instead, find a gift that’s really going to appeal to his wilder side and help him make memories that will last a lifetime. Here’s a guide to help you choose a father’s day gift for your extreme sports loving Dad

GPS Enabled Watch 
This is a great present for the actual or aspiring adventurer, as it’ll act as both tracker and incentive no matter how much activity your Dad’s already doing. A GPS watch will keep track of all his activity and sports, so he’ll know how many miles he’s run, how many km he’s biked, how far he’s swum… the list is endless. Some slightly more expensive models even include a heart rate monitor, and call notifications from his smartphone – so he can stay connected on the go. Perfect for the active dad, or to spur on a bit of a couch potato. 

Bungee Jump 
Has your dad done every extreme sport around? Are you looking to give him a pure adrenaline rush for father’s day? Well look no further, and send him on a bungee jump! A crane will hoist him up to a dizzying height of anything up to 300ft, and let him admire the incredible views for a few minutes… before the final checks are made and the instructor says ‘3, 2, 1, Bungee’ at which point he’ll look his nerves dead in the eyes and take an enormous leap off of the crane. At the maximum height of 300ft he’ll experience 4 full seconds of free fall that will feel like an eternity, until the elastic snaps back and propels him skyward again. This isn’t one for the fainthearted, and you probably want to be pretty sure he’s up for it first, but if he is then it’s an experience he’ll remember forever. If you’re feeling brave you could even do it with him… 

Penny Board 
If he’d prefer to keep his feet firmly on the ground where they belong, then treat him to a penny board! Particularly good if he was a bit of a rebel in his youth, a penny board is a kind of lightweight plastic skateboard, that’s a combination between a traditional skateboard and a longboard. While normal skateboards are good for air tricks they’re very slow for long distance riding, so a penny board is much better for cruising and taking in the sights. Penny boards are also significantly more durable, and can last for years if properly taken care of!

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