8 tips for choosing the right pregnancy shoes

Pregnancy is an exciting time, but there's no doubt that it can put unbelievable strain on your feet. To help ease some of the little added pressure take a read of this guide from Simply Feet for choosing the right pregnancy shoes.

1. Lose the Heels
You'll wear those four-inch stilettos again if you wish, but for now high heels simply aren't suitable shoes for pregnancy. This is because they tip your centre of gravity forwards, and you can be at risk of falling as your bump gets bigger. The extra weight that you'll carry will also put a tremendous pressure on narrow heels and cause your feet to suffer. So opt for comfortable and pretty sandals, boots and flats as your pregnancy progresses.

2. Go Shopping
It's a great time to treat yourself to comfortable and pretty pregnancy shoes. Your feet may well increase by up to one size, and the change is often permanent. Choose shoes which are roomy, supportive and complete with arch support if it's available. Comfortable, supportive shoes are a great investment and will ensure your feet are protected.

3. Consider Boots
Sturdier footwear can be great for extra support - think flat boots with soft soles. Anything that goes above the ankle is great, as it offers better structural support, which you might be pleased with as your bump gets bigger, particularly if you are walking over uneven surfaces.

4. For Hot Weather
Flat sandals are a good choice and give you an alternative to trainers. Don't wear flip-flops outdoors, as they can lead to trips and falls. Shoes with a vionic orthotic footbed are ideal as they feature a biomechanical footbed to support and align your feet.

5. Avoid Ballet Flats
Flat pumps simply don't offer enough support when you are pregnant - opt for lightweight trainers, Sandals with an orthotic footbed or more structured shoe types instead. Ideally, you want footwear that hugs the foot gently and doesn't allow it to simply slip out of the shoe.

6. Think About Soles
Select shock absorption soles that will cushion your feet and provide a high degree of comfort. Rubber soles are a good option. Don't wear shoes with thin soles, as they will put pressure on your arches.

7. Think About Fabrics
If you are wearing covered boots or shoes, opt for natural materials such as leather and suede which are breathable. Pregnant women tend to feel hotter than normal, and man-made materials can become uncomfortable. Try a cooling foot cream too.

8. Look After Your Feet
As well as investing in shoes for pregnancy, look after your feet with compression and compression tights and socks, and regularly treat feet with a reviving foot spray, soothing foot bath and a pamper with a rich moisturising cream. This will help you to experience good health during those all-important nine months.

- This is a collaborative post.

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  1. Ooh i've just found out I'm expecting so think it's about time i invested in some new shoes!