Having Your Personal Live Dealer

Heading to a brick and mortar casino has always been associated with glamour, glitz and excitement. Every year thousands of people make travel plans to destinations that offer gambling, such as Monaco and Las Vegas. These cities have glamorous casinos that are truly exceptional and huge, where you may even lose your way through the maze of casino games available. However, getting to such luxurious locations to benefit of the VIP attention by the dealers and croupiers can be easier said than done. It might take you a few months of savings to head to such a place, and then you would also require further pocket money to spend in luxurious gaming resorts.

Luckily you can always brush up your skills on roulette and blackjack in the comfort of your own home with casino sites like Magical Vegas, where you can play the Live Casino games offered by NetEnt. Live Roulette and Live Blackjack are among the various live casino games that can be played at Magical Vegas, where you can play against real life dealers in an ultra-modern and luxurious casino setting via a webcam. The image of the casino table and the live dealer are visible by real time video streaming, thus you may experience every gaming action happening live from behind your computer at home.

On such a glamorous live casino you can get a real live casino experience, where you will have a real human as a personal and friendly dealer who can explain to you the rules of the game if you are not aware of them, and who will gladly hold a conversation with you while you are completely immersed in the live casino game and its real life atmosphere. Unlike at a land based casino, where you have to wait for another player to complete their lucky streak before you can have a seat at a table, at live casinos you are always guaranteed that there is a seat for you whenever you wish to play. Plus you have the option of playing at your preferred table which you may consider to bring you luck.

While playing live casino games, you may experience every facet of the action that is taking place during a roulette game, which includes the distribution of chips by the dealer to the shuffling of the shoes by your very own personal live dealer, thanks to the different camera viewing angle that you can select. Moreover your gaming experience may become totally immersive as the dealer savours in anticipation with you while the roulette wheel is spinning and how the friendly dealer explains each of his actions during the game while wishing you good luck. You might also get a sense of fair play while playing at a Live Casino, as you get to witness all the proceedings of the game live, thus ensuring fairness by yourself. Playing live casino games give you the same immersive feeling like being in a real glitzy casino while playing from the comfort of home.

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