Noah's Summer Favourites

Last week I put together a post showcasing my favourite items from Summer so today thought I would share Noah's too. I still cannot believe we are almost in Autumn, where has the year gone? We will be in December in no time, scary right?!

Hot Wheels
I just had to start this list off with Noah's greatest love, his car cars. These little Hot Wheels Cars which can be picked up from most supermarkets for just 99p each. He has collected half a dozen already and they have certainly been his favourites this Summer.

Peppa Pig Holiday Giant Soft Toy

Much to my dismay Noah recently discovered Peppa Pig and is now obsessed with her. He seems to have Peppa radar and whenever he spots her he screams "epppaaaa!" Noah was recently bought this cuddly toy and he's been babying her ever since. 
Dinosaur Hoodie
Noah is at that age now where he is starting to approve of certain things that he wears. If a piece of clothing has a vehicle or an animal on it he's impressed! One of our favourite pieces this Summer has got to be this
dinosaur hoodie from Esprit which can be found here. Not only is it super cool but it's great for the cooler evenings we've been having lately.

Farmyard Heads & Tails Puzzle
We are huge fans of Orchard Toys and recently reviewed this new puzzle from their collection. Farms, tractors and animals are three of Noah's greatest interests so it's no surprise to me that this puzzle is such a big hit with him. If you would like to win your own then make sure to enter my competition here.

A Collection of Nursery Rhymes
Noah is lucky enough to be a Parragon Book Buddy and receives a new title from them every month. Last month he received A Collection or Nursery Rhymes which is just that! It's like the ultimate book when it comes to nursery rhymes because it has every one you can possibly think of. The illustration and quality of the book is lovely too, it would make the ideal gift for a new baby or first birthday.

Leggings from Fred & Noah
Fred & Noah is a home run business ran by a Mummy of two. She makes the most comfortable leggings, tee's, bibs that you could imagine and in the most funky patterns. These leggings are the perfect for days out or days lounging around at home. Find more details here.

Cbeebies Magazine
Last but not least has got to be the Cbeebies Magazine! As cheap and cheerful as it is it's one of Noah's favourite things, especially if it comes with a toy and some stickers. He will have countless hours of fun sitting there sticking stickers, pretending to read, turning the pages and finding his favourite characters. Have you heard that the BBC may be cancelling the Cbeebies channel? If you are as outraged as me then make sure to sign the petition! We can't have Mr Bloom leaving our screens Mummies! We must act! Ha ha.

What have your children been enjoying this Summer?


  1. That jacket and those leggings are gorgeous! My girls have loved their barbies, iPad and their crafts x

  2. I love the dinosuar hoodie - so sweet! :)

    We have the Nursery Rhyme book too, it's such a brilliant collection. Lots I know and lots that are new to me.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  3. My son loves the hot wheels cars and I think me and his dad have become obsessed with collecting them too and we seem to buy a new on every week, this week we found a batman and spiderman man edition which are now his favourites

  4. my twin boys love their hot wheel cars