Planning our Next Getaway

We have just got back from a three day trip to the Lake District. It was great to have a family break away and we enjoyed ourselves so much. We visited the Beatrix Potter Attraction, had tea on a boat in the middle of Lake Windemere, went to the zoo and so much more. We tried to cram as much as possible into the time we had and it's safe to say we are all exhausted now!

Now we are home Nick and I have started to plan our next getaway. We've been discussing the possibility of having a weekend break, just the two of us. We love spending time with our son don't get me wrong, but with doing so sometimes you forget that you are a couple too and not just Mum and Dad.

With this post I've decided to put together a list of places that we would like to visit as a couple. I think it's easy to skip date nights and similar things after you've given birth. So I think it's important to try and schedule at least one thing together every few months. 

Luxury trip to LondonCan you believe that I've never been to London before, I'd also never visited the Lakes either but I was finally able to tick that off my list this week. I would like to do the same with London too. I would love to have a Luxury break in London where I would book a luxury hotel and totally unwind in style.

Spa Day
This is something else I am yet to experience and is at the very top of my to do list. How has this tired Mummy not treated herself to a spa day yet? The mind boggles! I've been looking into different spa day theme's and one that really stands out to me is the Moroccan Hammam Urban Retreat at Harrods. It looks absolutely stunning with it's traditional Moroccan style and the steam treatment sounds like something my skin could really benefit from.

Time for Wrestling
Okay well seeing as I really want that spa day I have had to compromise with this list. On top of Nick's to do list is to catch a WWE show here in the UK this November. Saying that, watching burly blokes roll around half naked isn't that much of a compromise I suppose!

Cream Tea Lunch
The one thing we've both agreed on is how much we would like to have a traditional cream tea whilst visiting London. I've had a scout around and really like the look of the River Thames Afternoon Tea Cruise. A little bit of sight seeing while you gobble down cakes and cups of tea sounds like heaven to me.

Do you have any suggestions for a weekend getaway? In or out of London? I would love to hear all about them.


  1. London is amazing. You're going to love it. As it's your first time you have to do all of the touristy spots. Camden and the Southbank are my favourite areas. So much going on, and especially with Christmas coming there were be lots of stalls and stuff to see.

    I visited Lake Windermere when I was really young. I can barely remember it but I'd love to go back!

  2. We live an hour from the Lakes and never get bored of going for the day, it's fab, so much to see and do

  3. I'm glad to hear that you and your family enjoyed yourselves. I love how you've planned your day - lets just say you won't be bored ;) Have a great trip!

  4. i have been to the lake district once its just beautiful there , the only thing i didn't like was the beaches where we went, as it wasn't stones like we are used to but great slabs of slate and massive crabs, the kids didn't seem to mind though. and i love weekend trips in london, i'm lucky as my best friends mum lives there and she puts us up for thew weekend saving us some money